CPS provides only new, OEM material from the approved OEM vendors. CPS uses the same parts manufacturers/suppliers, follows the same quality and testing protocols, and adheres to the same packaging requirements as the original OEM. The original part drawings serve as the specification for this material and cannot be altered by CPS unless forced by obsolescence. CPS does NOT alternate source parts—this ensures customer confidence and eliminates the need to re-qualify componentss.

Spare Parts Available for:

OEM – GaSonics

  • PEP Iridia
  • PEP3510A
  • PEP3510C
  • PEP Plus
  • PEP3010
  • L3510
  • A1000
  • A3010
  • A3000
  • A2000LL
  • AE2000LL
  • AE2001


  • 372
  • 472
  • 676
  • 776
  • MV200
  • Auriga


  • Concept One Dielectric
  • Concept One Tungsten
  • Obsolescence support for many Sabre Classic and Sabre xT parts
  • Gamma 2100
  • Gamma 2130 unique material


  • Extrima
  • Torus

CPS maintains a robust refurbishment and core exchange program. Many spare robots, controllers, spindles, etc. are supported. Contact your CPS representative for details.